How long is the service? It’s nice to know how long a service typically runs so people can plan accordingly. Sunday school starts at 10AM and dismisses at 10:45AM. We begin in worship at 10:50AM and our services can run until Noon or 12:30, depending on special services.

What about kids? All kids 11 and under can head straight to the kid’s classrooms behind the sanctuary. One Sunday a month we have P.E.W. Sunday which is Parents Encouraging Worship. This Sunday is important for our kids to engage with parents in worship and to experience what it's like in "Big" Church. We have a fully staffed nursery and all of our staff who work with Youth and Children are Shepherd Watch Certified meaning an extensive background check has been completed on our staff. In addition, we offer groups for youth and children on Wed nights too.

What’s the service like? Our style of worship is mixed with newer modern worship music and traditional hymnals. The services are mainly informal, however on special occasions we do have more formal type services for baptismal, dedications, and new membership (but this is only a part of our services). Our most important aspects are engaging in areas of Uniting together in worship, Growing together as disciples, and Committing ourselves to the work God has called us to.

How do people normally dress? We want you to be comfortable in our church, formal attire is not required, most folks are business casual, and our pastor sometimes doesn't wear a tie. We respect our time together, so we make sure to at least dress modestly and honor our relationships with God and others.